On the Second Day of SLC DevOps Days, Evolution Gave to Me: Guidance on a New Style of PMO

Having worked in a PMO at the beginning of my career, and then as a Scrum Master and Program Manager, being a PMO member has been an evolving role. So what happens now,in the context of a DevOps world? Do you go away? If teams self manage, where am I?

(I am giving you readers a hint…you really want to read ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM)

All great questions, ones I have heard asked with hushed voices and worried tones. Lacking answers people get territorial and siloed, protecting their jobs and livelihoods. Creating an anti pattern of protectionism. So what do we need as technologists from the PMO group going forward? We need A LOT! But a different A Lot.

To answer these questions we are bringing in two groups who have pioneered where and what we PMO evolve to…Fresh from the DevOps Enterprise Summit Main Stage:

Carmen DeArdo – 

Project to Product: How Value Stream Networks Will Transform IT and Business

  • Senior VSM Strategist at Tasktop and former DevOps leader at Nationwide Insurance which won the DevOps.com 2016 DevOps Transformation of the Year. Carmen has presented at numerous conferences including the DevOps Enterprises Summit and gave the keynote at the inaugural DevOpsDays Ohio. The thing he loves most about presenting is learning from the feedback that he receives. He is a Deming advocate having worked at Bell Labs and regularly blogs on LinkedIn, Tasktop.com and DevOps.com on topics relating to value stream architecture, accelerating delivery and culture.

Scott Prugh, Jill Edmundson, Brian Clark – 

Product Management Meets DevOps

  • Scott supports the North American Development teams that deliver CSG’s hosted Billing & Customer Care Platform. Scott has broad experience across development and operations functions from startups to large enterprises. Scott has led major transformational efforts in technology, people and process. He led both the Agile Transformation and DevOps Transformation at CSG. His case studies are referenced in SAFe literature/training, The DevOps Handbook as well as Beyond The Phoenix Project. Scott is a Lean enthusiast and his mission is to help others continuously learn and improve their environment to maximize delight for their customers and employees. Previously, Scott was CTO of Telution and built the core runtime and billing architecture for the COMx product suite.

May 14th and 15th, Noahs Event Center

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