Please meet Sean Scott!

Sean is an Oracle ACE, Oracle Certified Professional Cloud Architect, and Managing Principal Consultant with Viscosity North America. He concentrates on database upgrades and migrations, Oracle Engineered systems, RAC/MAA, and Docker.

Sean Scott of Oracle is presenting on Data as Code: Exploring Data and Database portability.

Sean says “Data as Code is a natural evolution of the shift to “as code” seen over the past decade. Code and infrastructure are already part of the CI/CD pipeline. Data and databases are the last holdouts still clinging to legacy paradigms. Leveraging the same container technology now ubiquitous for application development decouples data and configuration from database software and eliminates reliance on the limited and specialized skill sets owned by database administrators. With Data as Code, data becomes an asset living alongside application code and—like code—is managed, versioned, and distributed through identical channels.”

Join us on March 14-15 to hear Sean talk Data as Code.

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