Meet Dr. Sharon Goldberg!

Dr. Goldberg is the CEO and co-founder of BastionZero, an infrastructure cybersecurity startup, and a tenured computer science professor at Boston University. She has taught courses in cybersecurity for over a decade and has published over 30 peer-reviewed research papers on infrastructure security and cryptography. She contributes to BGP, NTP, DNS, Bitcoin, Ethereum standards, has authored cryptography standards at the IETF, and was one of the researchers behind the 2015 attacks on NTP. Lately, she has spent most of her time thinking about shell access, Kubernetes, and CI/CD pipelines.

Dr. Goldberg will be speaking on the basics of MFA in 2023. After breaches at Okta, Uber, and Dropbox, it’s clear that hackers are coming after our MFA. We will cover 2022 breaches, explain the crypto behind different MFA systems (TOTP, yubikey, Webauthn), and walk through the basics of setting up your org’s MFA strategy in 2023.

Come talk MFA with us on March 14-15!

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