Salt Lake City DevOps Days 2019 Full Speaker Announcment
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The Salt Lake City DevOps Days board is proud to announce speakers for the 2019 conference May 14th & 15th, 2019. The Full Schedule can be found on the website.


##Damon Edwards

Damon Edwards is a Co-Founder of Rundeck, Inc., the makers of Rundeck, the popular open source Self-Service Operations platform. Damon was previously a Managing Partner at DTO Solutions, a DevOps and IT Operations improvement consultancy. Damon has spent the past years working with both the technology and business ends of IT operations and is noted for being a leader in porting cutting-edge DevOps and SRE techniques to large enterprise organizations. Damon is also a frequent conference speaker and writer who focuses on DevOps, SRE, and IT operations improvement topics. Damon is active in the international DevOps community, including being a co-host of the DevOps Cafe podcast, an early core organizer of the DevOps Days conference series, and a content chair for Gene Kim’s DevOps Enterprise Summit.

##Carmen Deardo - Project to Product: How Value Stream Networks Will Transform IT and Business

Senior VSM Strategist at Tasktop, Former DevOps leader at Nationwide Insurance which won the 2016 DevOps Transformation of the Year. Have presented at all DevOps Enterprises Summit and numerous other conferences including the keynote at the inaugural DevOpsDays Ohio. While I love to speak, I find that by speaking I actually learn more from the feedback that I get from others. I am a Deming advocate having worked at Bell Labs and regularly blog on LinkedIn, and on topics relating to value stream architecture, accelerating delivery and culture.

##Biswajit Das - Testing in DevOps era - A change in Mindset and Skillset

Biswajit Das is a full stack test automation enthusiast with over 14+ years of professional experience and working for American International Group (AIG) as an Automation Architect. He earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science and several accreditation from distinguished organizations. He designs, develops and implements test automation frameworks and best practices for functional, performance, responsive web, mobility, APIs testing and

##Paul Gower - Overcoming Delay: How The Best Developers Increase Productivity Paul started his career as a software developer in 2001 developing client/server enterprise solutions. An innovative problem solver, Paul uses in-depth analysis, deep consultation and the latest software development practices to serve his clients. In 2014 Paul started his company Lunamark (, where he leverages his years of experience to help companies improve their software development team’s efficiency using techniques such as clean coding practices, code reviews, pair programming, and Kanban. Paul is a certified Kanban Management Professional, Kanban Trainer for HugeIO (, and is constantly learning new ways to improve flow efficiency.

##Stacy Jenkins - TECH-LIVES MATTER: HANDS UP, DON’T REBOOT Stacey resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and has over 20 years of Law Enforcement (LEO) and teaching experience.

Law Enforcement experience: •Homicide Detective •Gang Unit Specialist Detective •Hostage Negotiator •Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Officer •School Resources Officer (SRO) •Five years as a Special Agent with the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND (DHS)

Stacey is currently working as a Detective with the Fort Wayne (Indiana) Police Dept., Gang, and Violent Crimes Unit.

##Ken Mugrage - Continuous Delivery was never about faster

##Leemay Nassery - The Engineering Behind Machine Learning

Leemay leads the Recommendations and Personalization engineering efforts at Comcast, and sets the strategic direction for Content Personalization for Comcast’s Xfinity video products. Leemay has been instrumental in driving a culture shift at Comcast to make data driven decision making a core tenet, by leading the charge with A/B testing, targeting, and producing the metrics to measure successful customer outcomes.

##Michael Nir - Breakthrough Consumer Experience – Revolutionizing Our Organization to Deliver Value

As an Agile Leadership Expert and Executive Coach, Michael’s initiatives with one Fortune 100 company are saving over $12 million in program costs, with completion dates more than a year ahead of schedule. Michael Nir, President Sapir Consulting US, is an enterprise lean-agile expert; known for his passion, creativity and innovation; His Masters in Engineering and, training in Gestalt balance his technical know-how with emotional intelligence. Michael inspires people and teams to change, experientially and emotionally, while climbing the hill AND reaching the summit. The author of ten books on influence, consumer experience, and Agile project management, Michael delivers practical skills gained from eighteen years of experience leading change at global organizations in diverse industries.

##Diana Rodriguez - DevOps + IOT + Security: No Secrets!

Diana Rodriguez is a Full Stack Developer/DevOps, Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and Google Cloud Platform, and AUth0 Ambassador. With 18 years’ experience and a strong background in back end and infrastructure, Diana likes to bring together the best of both worlds, spreading DevOps culture. She’s super enthusiastic about everything to encourage people to start a career in development and a fan of female devs and DevOps. In her spare time she likes to play videogames, also a huge fan of sports, Diana is a rugby player and taekwondo black belt.

##Barch Sarogursky - DevOps Theory vs. Practice: A Song of Ice and Tire Fire

Baruch’s passion is speaking about technology. Well, speaking in general, but doing it about technology makes him look smart, and 17 years of hi-tech experience sure helps. When he’s not on stage (or on a plane to get there), he learns about technology, people and how they work, or more precisely, don’t work together.

Baruch is a Head of DevRel and a Developer Advocate at JFrog, a CNCF Ambassador, a passionate conference speaker on DevOps, Java and Groovy topics, and is a regular at the industry’s most prestigious events including JavaOne (where he was awarded a Rock Star award), DockerCon, Devoxx, DevOps Days, OSCON, Qcon and many others. Follow him on Twitter (as he’s a very entertaining guy!) at @jbaruch.

Tickets are already selling and we haven’t really advertised much. So, grab yours here NOW. If you have a group attending, ping us for a group discount. Same for diversity scholarship and volunteer information.


Venue Information

NOAH’S of South Jordan 322 W 11000 S, South Jordan, UT 84095