Salt Lake City DevOps Days 2019 Speaker Announcement
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What is Full Send you ask (other than what we are doing this year)? The meaning will resonate…

Borrowed from ski lingo, this phrase defines the moment when you head fearlessly into a (controlled) dangerous situation. It’s leaked over into everyday use and essentially refers to going “all out”.

So what is going on-well, we know optimizing Development and Operations isn’t enough because it’s only a small part of what it takes to bring an idea to market. After all, we have an entire set of mates who work outside of technology.

For 2019, Salt Lake City DevOps Days is bringing in some DOES main stage folks who, in the enterprise, know how to help those mates, a.k.a the business, get more involved, and optimized in a completely different way. Register here NOW and you will hear from:

Carmen DeArdo - Found that at Nationwide user stories only spent 2.5% of their time in development, the rest of the time, ask him. Scott Prugh - Wonder about how product would shift AND the PMO to support a Full Send (see slang definition above), he and his team did it at CSG, also main stage.

Dameon Edwards - Is all about the SRE, “Creating Capacity to Make Tomorrow Better than Today.” Who doesn’t want THAT? G2G3 DevOps Simulation - ummm yah…so…only a few seats for the Sim. This Sim is so DevOps Woke! In less than 4 hours, it will illustrate why the WHOLE organization needs to shift, it isn’t all on Dev-Ops.

Ted Style Talks - we know you come for a smattering of the new ideas so this year, we try something new - slower than Ignites, so it can get deeper, and just the essence of what you need to know. WorkShops - yup, still doing these! So we aren’t just all about the theory, we are about execution.

Tickets are already selling and we haven’t really advertised much. So, grab yours here NOW. If you have a group attending, ping us for a group discount. Same for diversity scholarship and volunteer information.


Venue Information

NOAH’S of South Jordan

322 W 11000 S, South Jordan, UT 84095