2018 SLC DevOps Days Call for Speaker Proposals
  • 2018

Salt Lake City DevOps Days Summit May 2018

Moving from Tooling to Transformation: The DevOps Model, what and who does it take?

stretch collaboration practice transform everyone’s a leader learning org leading thru change change management agility data based improvement

LOOKING FOR: TALK - LIGHTNING TALK (IGNITE) - WORKSHOP - HANDS ON LAB. Propose for one, or propose for them all!

Can you lead from where you are? Are you able to align even the most challenging groups but WITHOUT using fear, shame or command and control? Have you used data gleaned from DevOps tools to help your org know WHERE to transform? IF so…WE WANT YOU!

This year SLC DOD is looking for people with something to share which will help take our community to the next level. Look at the words above, if they resonate with you and you have experience on how to become a learning org and get “there,” throw your hat in the ring. OR if you know someone who does know how, invite them to answer the call.

As the notion of DevOps has become more integrated into our lexicon, and the CI/CD pipeline tools better known, few organizations have gone beyond that. Most thinking once they have a DevOps “person” or “team” they are #doingDevOps. Subsequently DevOps’ing *AllTheThings = We have DevOps. But do they?

We welcome all levels of leadership as well as practitioners who are managing the tooling, the practice, the people, the budget and the change.

Join us in May 2018 as we pull speakers from around the globe and locally. The summit offers insight into; what is getting in the way of implementing a DevOps model and practice, how to step back from tooling only, getting cross functional team alignment, manage change and better bring our leadership from Buzzwords-and a limited focus-to the potential organizational transformation a DevOps model offers.