SLC DevOps Days Evening Social
  • 2018
  • Evening social
  • blog post

Evening social

Yah, we want to hang with you, you may want to hang with us too

Okay we get it. You have had spent a long hard day sitting in a folding chair. You have listened to speaker after speaker, attended workshops, and even though the talks were compelling and you did learn from the workshops informative, you are beat! All you want to do is head home, relax and kick back. The idea of hanging around after all this, to attend a social, may seem unnecessary. Perhaps even a little bit ridiculous. It is easy to think of reasons not to attend. But we would argue that you are not only missing a great deal of fun, you are missing out on some of the biggest opportunities reasons to attend a conference the first place.

So what are the reasons you should stick around for the social?

Old Friends, New Friends

SLC DevOps Days attendees are drawn from all over Northern Utah. And as someone recently said, in Utah, companies come and go, but you always have the people. The SLC DevOpsDays evening social is your chance to grab a Sodaliscous soda or local microbrew, and start a conversation with those you haven’t seen in a while or those you just met. It’s a time when you can build a relationship with sponsors or get a demo. Or you can commensurate your greatest oh snap moments, which have helped shape your career.

We talked a lot of Serious, now lets Play!

Aside from offering dirty soda, what are we doing this year? SLC DevOpsDays is proud to host ESKAPED ™ escape room. A well tuned DevOps team should constantly be pushing boundaries and working to solve complex problems together, in this scenario you and your team (notably you don’t need to bring your team, we will have random groupings as well) will need to apply this same level of cooperation, and team problem solving to ultimately escape.

Sneak peak?

Get Locked in 1969, you will feel like you stepped into this groovy era, unfortunately you stepped into a locked room, you have X minutes to solve puzzles, find clues, and push the button that opens the door so you can Eskape!

Build your Network and the Utah Tech Community

In a rapidly evolving world we rely on our networks to advise us and keep us on track. In exchange, we give back where needed. Often, as you engage and chat with peers or industry mentors in person, they are giving you advice you probably cannot just Google-perhaps even some special sauce! Outside of Meetups, it can be challenging to make these connections and have these conversations. The evening social is a space to talk shop and broaden your network. There is space and time to share ideas with someone in a similar role as you from another company. It’s also great opportunity for you to introduce your network to your team and vice versa. You never know what future projects and plans may stem from these in-person meetings!