Salt Lake City DevOps Days 2018, Workshops Announced!
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Salt Lake City DevOps Days 2018

2017 Terraform Workshop

Moving from Tooling to Transformation:

The DevOps Model, what and who does it take?

The conference where everyone in the delivery chain can get together and play.

Dev-QA-SRE-Product-Documentation-Billing-VP-Build & Deploy-Marketing-Scrum Masters-Program Managers

Year two workshops were so popular you maxed the building capacity AND the WiFi. You stuck around and didn’t just leave after lunch! Interestingly, other DevOps Days paid attention and are now following suit.

You see, what we in the Beehive state know is, it just isn’t enough to jabber about something. Anyone can read a book or watch a video and pretend to know the concept. Here in Utah, we DO. We are known for being DIY-and that first word is “Do.” So aside from the absolutely AMAZING morning center stage speakers DevOps Days SLC draws from LOCAL talent and have workshops (as well as networking and games) all afternoon. Plan to stick around for those AND the party where dirty soda and a HUGE surprise will #happen.

Just some of the options:

  • getKanBan Game - Maria Bates The Kanban Board Game is a physical game designed to teach the concepts and mechanics of Kanban for software development in a class or workshop setting. It’s hands-on, engaging, and fun!

  • How to not go to Heck in a Handbasket - Julia Wester Admit it, we wear rose colored glasses when we make plans. Sure, we’re aware of potential challenges and we often give them voice. But, do we take a comprehensive approach to exploring the unhappy path? “Making space with TRIZ”, one of 33 facilitation techniques called liberating structures, helps us challenge sacred cows safely and encourages heretical thinking. The question “What must we stop doing to make progress on our deepest purpose?” induces seriously fun yet very courageous conversations. Since laughter often erupts, issues that are otherwise taboo get a chance to be aired and confronted.  
    Join Julia to participate in her favorite Liberating Structure, Making space with TRIZ, and learn how to be more antifragile by confronting the less than desirable truths lurking in the corners.

  • How to AI your DevOps - Matthew Barlocker During your on-call rotation, you’re expected to know about and fix all problems related to production. Some problems don’t show up on your normal monitoring tools but still have an impact on your users. Users turn to social media, support staff, and sales reps to resolve their issues. In this workshop, we’ll create an AI capable of connecting the dots between user complaints on Twitter and actionable alerts to your on-call team.

  • Scrum4Legos - Jason Vance This fun and engaging workshop uses LEGOs and Scrum simulation game to introduce Agile development in a way which can be easily understood by participants from different areas of organizations.

    Join this session to experiment with optimizing a flow of work through the entire organization. Visualize negative effects of long sprints and deferred deployments. Learn how to work as a team and iterate through the product development lifecycle using DevOps principals.

    Amplify feedback loop, bring in security and evolve towards continuous value delivery - all using LEGOs.

  • Jenkins - the next level - Michael Holley A few years ago Cloudbees introduced the pipeline build job. Instead of linking several freestyle jobs together, the pipeline build job uses a single file to define all stages of the build process and follows the metaphor of “infrastructure as code” by placing the build job manifest (Jenkinsfile) right in the repo along with the code to be built. In this workshop we’ll go over how the pipeline job works, how to implement it, extend it, and migrate existing jobs to it. Enabling your developers to see into and control their build pipeline from code to production.

  • And More!

  • Serverlessness

  • What will it take to automate Security?

  • How to make Monoliths into Microservices

  • What does it take to lead

  • Go goodness

The conference is ⅓ sold, this is the fastest tickets have ever moved-. Don’t wait! Oh and did we mention…FOOD TRUCKS!

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Every year we have an 80+ person wait list. So don’t wait.