Salt Lake City DevOps Days 2018, Moving from Tooling to Transformation The DevOps Model, what and who does it take?
  • 2018
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We all know transformations, tooling or cultural, require a lot of sugar and as we send this out, it is Girl Scout cookie season. The line up is shaping up, and there are a host of local speakers and workshop presenters we will announce as they accept. So, keep your fingers on the keyboard (unless your Thin Mints melted all over your hands, be warned those Samoas may cause a mess too) over the next few days, we know once you see who is presenting, you will want to put down your fav box of Trefoils and purchase immediately.

Remember we offer a group discount and diversity scholarships, ping us for the deets. For now, your SLC DOD board pauses in between Do-si-Dos to announce the keynote line up.

Year three center stage welcomes:

  • Kelsey Hightower, Google
  • Nicole Forsgren, DORA
  • Julia Wester, Lagom Solutions
  • Matt Stratton, PagerDuty
  • Michele Campbell, Lucid Charts
  • Robert Kluin, Real Kinetic
  • Steve Willis, VitalSmarts
  • Peter Chestna, CA Technologies
  • Brian Holt, Microsoft

Less high flutin blah blah and more Ah Ha As you know, we are an “actionable” focused board. We aim not to just inspire but also to provide every technologist with the opportunity to leave Salt Lake City DevOps Days with a new skill and larger network.

Early Bird Tix are a handful away from being sold out! (but who is counting) and every year we have an 80+ person wait list. So don’t wait.